Week 11 Master Key Experience

I was glad we had a Webcast for this week. I missed connecting on Sunday. The change in my schedule I guess threw me off a little! I didn’t realize how much the webcast kept me focused for the week until we didn’t have one last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday…. So thank you, Master Keys for helping me change my life!

Weeks 8-10 Master Key Experience

My gosh, I really didn’t realize how long it has been since I posted. I knew I had weeks to make up but thought I stopped temporarily at week 9. I’ve been really struggling maintaining focus, and while I haven’t been posting on here, I have gotten on the weekly webcasts and have been following along with the recorded lessons while in my car and before I fall asleep. I must get better because I know I need this for me to be a better me!

I discovered that reading my service card and hearing myself say “I always keep my promises” and then I didn’t do as I said I would, made me feel disappointed in myself, so I rewrote my card with all of the services I did complete. No sense focusing on my faults… I have plenty of good to celebrate!

Week 7 Master Key Experience

This week, I have to admit, I struggled. I have a bad back and an old injury that flares up from time to time and I let it get the best of me. I allowed it to stray me from my purpose and let excuses filter in and allowed it to derail my progress a bit. I did continue to work on my mental diet, and when bad thoughts crept in, I started to think of more pleasant things. It’s hard to focus when you are in pain but I made the most of it. I did complete my service this week of putting all of my Halloween decorations away and packed up and back in the cellar, so this made me smile when I read my index card aloud to myself!

This week coming will be better! I can feel it!

Week 6 Master Keys Experience

By George, I believe I might be getting this! Making my movie poster, helped tie it all together for me this week. I really enjoyed pulling thoughts off my DMP and putting them into picture format and linking the shapes to them. I find myself now noticing shapes more than before. I had started wondering if maybe I was doing something incorrectly because I wasn’t noticing the shapes. But now, there are constant reminders all over my house as well as in my car so it gets me thinking more! I love it!

The sit this week was easy for me. I have a pretty decent photographic memory, so looking at a picture (I chose one of my granddaugher and me during one of our outside adventures) and then closing my eyes, I without difficulty could see it perfectly. And then I replayed the day I spent with her for the remainder of my sit. It was very enjoyable!

My press release took me awhile to post, but once there, was a great way to spend my sit replaying the “movie” in my head. It’s fun to dream and imagine my ideal life! Makes me work just a little bit harder everyday!

This past week, I have been struggling with my back. I have a back injury that seemed to flair up with our nonstop cold rainy weather and me over doing it a little. So today, I decided to bring my readings and my sit with me in my jacuzzi tub! I put the papers in the same plastic protective sheets I used when I brought it all in my kayak! This time, I not only did my reading but also my sit because I was only in my tub, not in a lake with waves! Lol. Something about doing these tasks in water, brings a whole different experience for me. I am definitely repeating this method!

Reading the Gal in the glass is one of my favorite things from this week. It is a little uncomfortable telling myself I love myself, but is a very important and empowering thing to do!

I’m looking forward to the webcast tomorrow for week 7!

Week 5 Master Keys make-up!

Wow, things are really turning up a notch! I’m finding myself falling further behind and catch myself procrastinating a little too much! It starts to get overwhelming and then I just stop myself and take a deep breath. Instead of focusing on all I haven’t done and getting upset with my broken promises, I focus on what I have accomplished! It doesn’t help to dwell on what happened yesterday. Focus on the future and be better tomorrow! Life can pass us by so very quickly I’ve learned. I’m going to sit in gratitude instead! Much more comfy in that type of mindset! Here’s to a better week!

I did really enjoy the sit this week daydreaming of happy thoughts and still pushing the negative black air away everytime it started creeping back in! My thoughts bring me to my nutrition club with people smiling, laughing, dancing, hugging. Feels great and welcoming; a place of belonging. I can feel my body start warming up from my toes up to my heart. Then the timer goes off! Lol. Good thing I get to go back there whenever I want! 😉



Week 4 Master Keys

Wow, a month almost completed already!

Things are going a little easier now and more automatic. I’m thinking of new ways to complete my tasks so I am able to fit them all in my schedule. And speaking of scheduling, the bedtime routine of working on my schedule for the next day is becoming a good and helpful habit! I’m finding that the next day, I remember more of what needs to be done without relying on referring to my planner and more things are getting done! Amazing!

I also tried my sit at night one night this week. I thought that would be hard for me to complete and that I would fall asleep during it but I didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised! Our assignment this week was to not only sit still, relax all of our muscles but to also relax our mind of all negative thoughts. I think this is why I slept so great that night! It was awesome! I brought in all the colors of the rainbow with my breath in op and expelled black and grey with the things troubling me and eliminated them from my mind. Bye bye! It was so powerful! I think my new “sit time” just got moved to nights!

Also this week, I have utilized the recorded reading of the lesson a few times to help me fit that in. I enjoy hearing Mark read it and his little adds here and there. It really helped my comprehension of the lesson. I also enjoy reading it out loud to myself for clarity.

One of my new tasks I added to my card is 50 crunches and a 2 minute plank everyday towards my True Health PPN. I learned to combine the plank with my affirmations “do it now” and “I can be what I will to be” and it helps me to complete it!

All of these things have helped me to not be as overwhelmed… After all, I have control of my mind and my life right???

Week 3 Master Key Masterminds

So week three….

I’m getting better at fitting in all the readings. I’m enjoying the idea of committing to myself. Most of my life I have been in caregiving roles, putting others first. It feels good to allot time to myself!

My sit is my favorite part. Allowing myself the 15 minutes to slow myself down and clear my mind is helping me focus more and to set my intentions for the day. I tried it in the evening and didn’t have the same effect so I’m going to continue it as something I do when I first wake. This week, our assignment was to focus on relaxing every muscle in our body during our sit. It was very energizing and all sorts of thoughts floated in. I found myself thinking of “to do lists” a lot, so it came to me to make a checklist for myself before the sit. I tried it and it helped some so that I could have a more enjoyable and relaxing session.

I had a “make it work” moment also this week. It was really nice weather this Thursday and I wanted so desperately to go out in my kayak. I kept telling myself I couldn’t go until I got my midday readings done. Things kept coming up and delaying me. I finally said screw it! I put all of my papers in protective sheets, put them in a folder and took them with me in the Kayak! I did my readings in the middle of Lake George! It was so incredibly peaceful.

Can’t wait for next week!